Secret Drug Test – Home drug screening test are easy to use, learn how
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Why Use Secret Drug Test?

Secret drug testing is a way of getting answers to your questions and concerns about whether your child is using drugs, without having to directly ask your child.


Getting answers without having to ask your child can give you a huge advantage.

You can find out in advance whether your child is using drugs. You can collect evidence. THEN, you can ask direct questions; request a drug test involving of bodily fluids and/or a make a trip to a medical or counseling professional.

Get prepared in advance.

Educate yourself. Reflect on what course of action you will follow if your child’s test shows a “drug-present” result. Will you require immediate contact with a pediatrician or drug addiction specialist? If so, make those calls now and be prepared to take these actions.

Avoid the issues of breaching trust or uncomfortable confrontations.

Get the proof so you don’t make unfounded accusations. Prepare yourself for the arguments and counter accusations that your child will likely launch at you. When unprepared parents enter into a discussion about potential drug use, they somehow end up being accused of wrong doing by the very person (child) who has tested positive for drugs.

Get answers without the worry of him/her taking measures to “beat” the drug test.

This works well when you are suspicious and you want proof prior to approaching your child about this delicate and potentially deadly matter. If they know you are testing for drugs, they will try to conceal their drug use with more diligence.


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